MAY 11,2019

Omega Geneva recently identified various alternative funds.

1.  European Venture debt

Investor has access to a closed end European DEBT portfolio receiving an attractive cash yield (9-15%), risk collateralized with top seniority in the liquidation waterfall, combined with free warrants in the best performing European based technology and innovation companies. Rare opportunity.

2.  European Special Opportunities fund

European OPPORTUNISTIC credit fund targeting >10% with stable returns and uncorrelated risk factor coupled with a strong downside protection feature. Fund has a short portfolio duration (2.8 years), is managed by a London based entity and includes diversified loan investment strategies essentially based on a legal disruption rationale.

3. USA, Life Insurance fund

Product based on Human longevity. Open end US based unlisted fund on life insurance policiesbought “en bloc” on 2nd and 3rd markets. Highly diversified portfolio (LE, carrier, ratings,location…). Policies are “cherry picked” and actuarial probability calculations outsourced. De-correlated product with outstanding risk/reward ratio. Past performance varied between 22% and

15%, risk at 0.7% only. Policies are marked to market.